How Can Resolve the QuickBooks Error 6000-83?

QuickBooks is one of the most prominent accounting software around the world. In the present day it manages all small and medium sized companies. QuickBooks software is launched by Intuit. With the support, you can control unnecessary manual work and you can also automate your daily work with systematic way. Now it is also offering advanced features and services for your growing business like Transaction related work, Payroll activity, Tax calculation, Accept payment and maintain records of your company etc.

When you are working with QuickBooks software, it could be multiple instances, that your system could be infected with errors. An error message will appears on your system as QuickBooks Error 6000-83. Here we are trying to give some resolution and causes of this error. But if you want to connect with us, you can call us on our QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1 (800) 941 3691.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 6000-83?

The cause at the back this error -6000-83

  • The users doesn’t have permission to use the file or folder. If they want to access that, they must have right to delete, create, write, and read in that company file. That’s the reason of the error.
  • Due to firewall blocked QuickBooks files.
  • This error also encountered to multiple users access data file.
  • Due to incorrect file extensions.
  • On your installed QuickBooks, some files are not available.
  • Corrupted and damaged shared and company file or folder.

How can you Resolve QuickBooks Error 6000- 83

Below we are providing any resolution steps for your assistance.

  • Open the company file on the window server system and download the file doctor tool.
  • Complete installation and follow steps
  • The user needs to turn off the main server of the system.
  • File > Utilities> Host multiple user access
  • Select stop hosting multiple user access and select yes.
  • Select company file must be closed.
  • A backup creation at the time of error occurrence
  • The user needs to create a manual backup and store it in C-drive.
  • Company restoration
  • The user needs to change file extension Qbm, Qbw, Adr and Qbw
  • The user needs to check that they are using an old version or latest version.
  • They need to assemble QuickBooks Firewall.
  • Verify the access permission data file

You can contact to the QuickBooks Support Number 1 (800) 941 3691 for any queries. We are focusing the customer satisfaction and we believe in offering with effective and high quality solutions. We are available 24*7 for you. If you want to chat with us, you can login on our official site for QuickBooks error support.



Fix QuickBooks Error 6209

QuickBooks is accounting software which is mainly designed for new and existing business to handle company data in a better way. While using this software you may face an error on your system. When you install the software, QuickBooks error 6209 has occurred in your system. Due to this Error your daily work will get hampered, and it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Here we are describing the cause and resolution of this error. On the other hand, you can contact to the QuickBooks Technical Support number for any assistance.

What is QuickBooks Error 6209?

QuickBooks Error 6209 arises while installing the software or trying to open the file or trying to update windows. Your system will display an error message on your system.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error code 6209?

Here we are describing the causes of this error in these below points:

● Damaged and corrupted downloads
● Incomplete installation of QuickBooks software.
● Malware or virus attack could be a reason.
● Due to corrupted windows file.
● Mistakenly and maliciously deleted QB related files.
● Damaged and corruption in the software (uninstall or install).
● QuickBooks program files may also infect with malware and virus attack.

How to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6209?

Here you can check how to resolve the error code 6209 and follow below steps.

Resolution 1: To manually fix their windows registry, the user needs to create a backup file.

  • Select on Start and type command in the search box.
  • The user need not press Enter and press Ctrl+Shift button on their keyboard.
  • Hold the Enter and a permission dialog box will be open on your system and select yes.
  • Black Box with blinking cursor will be open on your system.
  • Write regedit and press Enter.
  • Create a backup file and select Export from the file menu.
  • And save the file to your preferred location.
  • You can save the file as QuickBooks Backup key in the save list.
  • Click on selected branch in the export range box.
  • Select save and save the file to.Reg file extension.
  • Now your backup will be ready for your future help.

Resolution 2:

  • You can check the below steps to run Disk Cleanup Windows XP, 8, 7, Vista and 10.
  • Select the start button and type command in the search box, but not hit enter.
  • A permission dialog box will be open on your system and select yes. A black box will be open on your system.
  • Write cleanmgr and press enter and automatic disk cleanup will be open on the system.
  • It may be Temporary Files will cover the most disc space and tick boxes to clean it and select Ok.

Resolution 3:

For the System Restore (Windows vista, Xp, 10, 8, 7 and 10)

  • Select the start and write System Restore in the search box and press Enter button.
  • Select System Restore and enter the password in admin box.
  • Follow the steps in the Wizard and select restore point.
  • You can restore your system after performing above steps.

Resolution 4:

  • To remove the malware and virus damage or clean run time error.
  • It may be chance that you are facing the QuickBooks Error 6209 due to theses virus so that we recommend you to use McAfee Antivirus and malware protection.

Resolution 5:

  • Select on the start button and write command in the search box and hold the Ctrl+Shift button from your system and press enter after this a dialog box will open on your system.
  • Select yes and write (System File Checker) SFC/SCANNOW and press enter.
  • Follow the each step of giving instructions.

If you are still facing the same error on your system after following all the above steps, you can visit our official site for any kind of help. We have a Toll Free Number for you and available for 24*7. Our QuickBooks Technical Support team is very supportive to resolve your queries or concerns.


Reliable QuickBooks Customer Service Number

No matter whether you are an owner of small, medium or large scale business customer support and assistance cannot be understated. In the current time about 95% of the business owners prefer to employ QuickBooks accounting software to boost their business productivity and manage the business accounting operations seamlessly. The richly featured software – QuickBooks is developed by Intuit and one of the reason for is increasing popularity is because of its prompt QuickBooks customer service number. The software benefits the business as follows:

• Payroll management, Direct deposits & payroll taxes
• Access to company files on the go
• Generate business reports
• Data import from previous versions of QuickBooks
• Data Import from Excel sheets
• Create and send invoices
• Expense management, Bill payments and Cheques printing
• Integration of online banking
• Auto back-up of the database
• Tracking of Income & Sales

We all know that issues and software goes hand in hand. Same is with QuickBooks. There are unfriendly scenarios when QuickBooks encounters certain errors due to technical or functional problems. When the error occurs the software functions slow and at times it stops that hinder the work flow. It brings great loss to the business owner. But the QuickBooks Customer Service Number is always active to help you to resolve your QuickBooks issues at priority. Dial the toll free phone support number and fix all your issues instantly.

The QuickBooks Customer support number connects you to the experienced QuickBooks professionals who are capable to resolve the complex issues faced by you. They vouch quality support and first call resolution. The common problems reported by the QB users are as below mentioned:

• Unable to move the file
• Fail to locate the licensing information
• Printing Issues
• Losing connection to the database file
• Failure in updating latest release or rebuilding QuickBooks Database file
• Software running slow
• Admin password lost
• Configuration issues

The QuickBooks technical support team is on their heels to resolve all the possible problems QuickBooks users’ encounter. Sometimes due to some reason you fail to connect with the QuickBooks Customer Service Number. In that condition you can switch to reliable third party QuickBooks consulting agencies like The agency hires highly trained QuickBooks professionals who are capable enough to resolve all your errors in few steps. These professional experts have transparent product knowledge and hold experience in error resolution. You can contact through toll free phone number 1 (800) 941 3691 and report the issue and get is resolved in the minimum wait time.

QuickBooks Desktop Feature Impacting 1099 Reporting

Intuit’s latest version of QuickBooks Desktop was outfitted with incredible tools and features designed to make the work processes of the user easier ensuring all the related accounting tasks are completed efficiently within stipulated time period. As is the norm with Intuit, every new version of QuickBooks Desktop is released with at least one new feature related to any aspect of the software, be it security, technical or functional section. This tradition of Intuit has led to even greater popularity of the software in the market as now the user can look forward to some new innovative tool every year.

As stated above, Intuit’s promise of new feature came up with an innovative tool called 1099 Reporting that has impacted hugely the reporting of 1099 Forms. This feature was basically introduced because:

  • With earlier version whenever user accessed their QuickBooks software for recording of transactions related to check posting or debit, it was greatly advised to not provide words like ‘Debit’ or ‘EFT’ or different versions regarding Ref. Number (Check Number) division.
  • This suggestion was generally passed on by the QuickBooks experts to their customers as during the process of bank reconciliation of check accounts wherein the users require their transactions recorded in numerical manner in the bank reconciliation window.
  • If the user records in ‘EFT’ under Check Number, when the sorting process of transactions is performed during bank reconciliation as per check number (as advised by QuickBooks experts), the order of the transaction converts to alphabetical order instead of numeric.

Thus, when the user records transactions only in numeric under check number type, the record consisting of number are displayed on top along with sorted dates, then by transaction consisting of check number in numerical order. But if the user types in words in between then the order of display is followed by following points:

  • In accordance with the date, recorded transactions consisting no numeric are displayed first.
  • Then the transactions consisting of words under check number system will be displayed (not affected by dates)
  • Lastly those transactions which are recorded with numeric under Check Number category.

Apart from being wrongly displayed in accordance with the dates of transaction taking place, this method also ends up creating a lot of confusion for the user as they will now have to scroll up and down in order to locate the correct transaction, especially in case of bank reconciliation process taking place.

The 1099 Feature got introduced within QuickBooks Desktop software to combat this issue. This tool helps in eliminating the transaction and forwarding the amount under 1099 amount category as soon as the user provides any word under check number category while recording the transactions. The words displayed below are counted for this process:

● Debit
● DBT card
● Debit cd
● Visa
● MC
● MCard
● Discover
● Diners
● PayPal

This most shocking but definitely appreciated impact of 1099 feature on the working of QuickBooks Desktop since its release. Due to some initial issues with the feature an updated version of the feature called 1099-K was introduced which impacted in allowing users to use certain words under check number / reference number category. For more details on this direct connection with QuickBooks Desktop support team is advisable. Alternatively they can also connect with alternative agencies through QuickBooks Toll Free Number – 1 (800) 941 3691 or visiting the website –

Source :

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Software

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software which is most powerful of all with features and tools that can easily manage more than just accounting tasks and activities. Apart from Pro and Premier Features, the software is also equipped with Accountant edition features. For any issue with this software you can garner swift support from ever experienced customer care team via QuickBooks Enterprise technical support number. Following tools and features are what makes QuickBooks Enterprise software even stronger than other three software combined:

● The user can avail benefit of advanced user permission and restrictions through which they can toggle between more than 100 tools and features.
● A strong and concise report can be created in Excel with details from numerous different files.
● This software comes with benefit of creating fields customized on the basis of company’s needs along with feature of drop down fields which can be used to restrict individual in order to enter specific data only.
● Annual subscription comes with inclusion of Technical support having base in the USA.
● User can now create reports that help in informing correct authorities about the stock that might be missing through Shortage Report tool.

QuickBooks Enterprise software has also garnered supreme popularity from amongst its peers due to top notch support services set by Intuit for the aggrieved customers. Although outfitted with latest tools, the software is as susceptible for errors as any other software and can get tangled within web errors. Considering the professional setup of the software, its problems generally are technically advanced and 99% of the time require expert advice of certified experienced QuickBooks professionals. For the users employing QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks 2017 and QuickBooks 2018 and facing issues, can contact the customer support.

Common Problems faced with QuickBooks Enterprise Software

● Failure in Updating QuickBooks Enterprise Data File
● Loose Connection between QuickBooks and the Data File
● Unable to Reinstall the QuickBooks Enterprise Software
● QuickBooks Enterprise Slows Down when Running in Multi-user Mode
● Error in Connecting New Printer to the software.
● Unable to Move the Company File of QuickBooks Enterprise Software
● Issue in Connecting the QuickBooks File with the Bank

For smooth installation of any of the above listed software, user can directly approach the Intuit Certified ProAdvisors and get expert opinion on the same. However, if the connection with technical experts of QuickBooks is not successful, user can get in touch with the in-house experts of alternative support agencies by either initiating live chat from their website – or call on QuickBooks Toll Free Number – 1 (800) 941 3691.


How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 80029c4a With Windows 10

QuickBooks software downloaded and installed on Windows 10, at times end up encountering a rare error code called 80029c4a. It is categorized under unexpected error code lists and is usually factored when the user tries to access their company file. Some other reasons for generation of this error code are:

  1. Damaged files under windows registry.
  2. Virus attack making required QuickBooks files corrupted.
  3. Updates made to third party security applications like Avast Antivirus software.

QuickBooks software is quite popular amongst the small and medium sized businesses to tackle their financial activities on daily, quarterly and annually basis. If the above mentioned error is encountered by their company, they might go into loss due to unexpected interruption in the workflow. In order to resolve the QuickBooks Error 80029c4a with Windows 10 in loop, details are provided below in full disclosure.

Causes of QuickBooks 80029c4a

Before proceeding with required resolutions as recommended by Intuit, it is imperative to understand why the error has occurred and what situations can give rise to the same? There are three basic causes of QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a which are listed below:

  • Internet Security updates encountered under microsoft might result in modification or deletion of QB typelib.dll files.
  • Registry files stored under Desktop might be damaged or lost.
  • QuickBooks files might get mistaken for consisting malicious content by the installed antivirus software.

The above listed reasons might end up removing some of the required .dll files which leads to cropping of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a with following details:

Problem: Unexpected error occurred when the user tried to open QuickBooks Company File

Solution: This error occurs only in rare cases.Such errors can sometimes be solved by restarting your computer, restarting all computers accessing the file in multi-user mode or perhaps reinstalling QuickBooks if the problem persists. If you need assistance, and decide to call Customer Support, please give the support representative the following information:

  • Error Code: 80029c4a
  • Description: Error loading type library / DLL”

Resolutions to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a with Windows 10

Intuit recommends three basic methods to resolve this error encountered with Windows 10 manually or under expert guidance of QuickBooks customer support team technician:

Resolution 1: Windows Reboot Process:

a. Go to start icon and launch the main menu
b. Click on Power option which will showcase three more tabs, namely – Restart, Shut Down and Sleep
c. Select the option of ‘Restart’ which will the process of shutting the system down completely and then rebooting it back to original state. This should get the error resolved, if not it is time to proceed to next resolution method.

Resolution 2: Running Reboot.bat Process: Reboot.bat is basically generalized as the small patch included under program files installed along with QuickBooks software. It consists of imperative commands which are adept in handling reset function of registry settings under Windows through QuickBooks. In case the OS is not able to collect some of these settings that are required for correct registration. In order to resolve this issue following steps can be taken into consideration:

a. To open the File Explorer user needs to click on Windows + E together.
b. Now navigate to Local Drive C: which will further display a full list of stored folders.
c. Select the option of Program Files and then click on Intuit option.
d. Next proceed to folder labeled QuickBooks Enterprise Solution 10.0 to open stored files. Now locate and double click on reboot.bat file to run the process.
e. Once the file has been run successfully, reboot the computer system. If the error still persists then proceed to third and last resolution.

Resolution 3: Downloading & Installing Latest Required Updates: Intuit releases small updates regarding the QuickBooks version currently running which are imperative to run the QuickBooks software successfully and also get the errors resolved with bug fixing patches installed within the update.

The above listed resolution should aid the user in getting their QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a resolved within limited time period ensuring minimum loss of the business. In case the error still persists then the user is advised to connect with the QuickBooks customer service team comprising of proficient technical experts with advanced knowledge of the software. However, if the user is not able to connect with the same support team they can try alternative support agencies. One such support agency is QuickBooksPhoneSupportNumber which can be called through Toll Free Number –1 (800) 941 3691 or browse through website for online support options –


QuickBooks POS Errors

QuickBooks Point of Sale is one service that integrates both QuickBooks accounting software and Point of Sale add-on application resulting in completion of sales task in tandem with the corresponding accounting activities of the business recorded successfully without encountering issues like double entry of same transactions. The POS service not only ensures successful completion of sales of the product, it also helps in managing the inventory status within the company. User can keep a check on the stock available within the business, what has to be bought and how much more is required to finalize a product. Moreover, with increasing advance technology user can also go for employee management.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software is one of the most bought POS software catering to almost all sizes of businesses. Its professional mix of tools and features help retailers to bridge the gap between purchase order and sales quite easily. However, the software is as prone to some common issues as any other software. There are certain challenges faced by users while employing the use of QuickBooks POS that may trigger a halt in the workflow which if not resolved within set time period might cause further damage for the business. Some of the common QuickBooks POS errors faced by the user are listed below:

Tracking Promotions: Businesses employing QuickBooks POS have the option of tracking their sales along with creating a sales report. There are instances, when your POS systems fail to do this properly. In that case, you should contact the Intuit setup customer support. They will help you resolving your issues in the minimal wait of time.

Connecting QuickBooks POS with Company Data File: While working on QuickBooks Point of Sale, there are occasions when your POS is unable to get connected with the datafile which is saved in your workstation.

  1. Switch off the QuickBooks Point of Sale system.
  2. Reboot the server first and then reboot the QuickBooks POS system
  3. Switch on QuickBooks Point of Sale on your system after which POS database file should connect with the server automatically. If it does not get resolved then the option available is to connect with the Intuit’s Customer Support Team.

● Invalid Product Code or Invalid Product Number Errors

  1. In QuickBooks Point of Sale, this error code is also known as Error Code 176109. This error sometimes appears when you upgrade your Point of Sale or when you are adding more users. This error can be occurred if you have inserted an incorrect product key.
  2. To avoid this error, you can verify your product key by going to help and about POS on your software.
  3. If the problem still persists then, it is because of the damaged database. In such situation, you can contact the QuickBooks customer support.

The above three problems are quite common and can be resolved by following the steps enumerated above. However, if the issue does not get resolved user should contact the QuickBooks support team housed by Intuit. The support team comprises of proficient QuickBooks experts having in-depth knowledge regarding the POS software. In case the support team cannot be connected due to long queue then they can opt for alternative support agency like for online support or call on their QuickBooks Toll Free Number – 1 (800) 941 3691.


QuickBooks Desktop 2015 Discontinued

Intuit recently released the latest version of its accounting software – QuickBooks 2018 version. This version basically consists of new and exciting tools and features along with much needed enhancements of older features as well. It is common knowledge that every year in the fall Intuit releases new versions of its QuickBooks brand, however, it generally focuses on one area of the software like either they will work on features or they will focus more on the technical aspect. But this time, the company focused on all the factors of QuickBooks from features to security to technical processes. This has led to increasing popularity of this software version as compared to previous ones. Users are preferring to upgrade to the latest version as this will provide them overall benefit in terms of professional tools and services combined.

Another point with to keep in mind is that with release of QuickBooks 2018, QuickBooks 2015 version will not be provided with the support. As per the policy followed by Intuit, the company offers support services to only last 3 versions, that is, QuickBooks Version 18, 17 and 16. This invariably means that Intuit is planning to stop support services for QuickBooks Desktop 2015 version for both Windows and Mac. As per the news from the company, this process will take place by 31st May 2018

Impact on QuickBooks Desktop 2015 programs

The basic impact of discontinuation for users employing QuickBooks 2015 are as follows:

● Only basic accounting services will be functioning properly after the discontinuation date.
● Support services employing Intuit servers for operations such as payroll service, banking processes etc will not remain active anymore.
● Live support from Intuit will not be provided.
● Key codes or registration of QuickBooks 2015 authenticity will not be verified by the Intuit.
● Older products will be available for downloading, but their support manual will not be present.
● No updates for the same will be released.

The above mentioned impact will be greatly affecting below mentioned applications of QuickBooks 2015:

1. QuickBooks Pro 2015
2. QuickBooks Premier 2015
3. QuickBooks Enterprise V15
4. QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2015
5. QuickBooks for Mac 2015.

Services that will not be supported from 31st May 2018 are listed below:

● Automatic calculation of Payroll taxes, updating payroll forms and filing payroll taxes through Basic, Enhanced, Assisted and Standard QuickBooks Payroll 2015 will not be entertained.
● Access to features like View My Paycheck, Workers’ Comp Payments etc will not be allowed.
● Merchant Services of the Software will not be supported.
● Automatic billing, download of terminal through credit card will not be allowed with QuickBooks 2015 version software.
● Technical support (live) will not be provided any further.
● Online backup and banking will also be affected negatively with this discontinuation.

There are many more services and support which will not be offered once the QuickBooks 2015 versions, editions and applications gets discontinued. The user can gain more knowledge regarding the same by contacting the knowledgeable customer support of QuickBooks setup by Intuit. Although this discontinued product will result in upgrade to next level of QuickBooks, many users might still prefer the 2015 version. For those who wish to stick to this version they can avail support from third party agencies like catering with prominent support services of QuickBooks 2015 with the help of their in-house technical support staff. They can called on QuickBooks Toll Free Number 1 (855) 924 9509 or visit the website – for online chat support.


How to Fix QuickBooks Installation Error?

It is a difficult situation when your primary accounting software is giving you a hard time during installation. There could be multiple reasons for the software to fail from installation and not everyone is an IT professional to fix QuickBooks Installation Error.

Some of its causes can be:

  • Incomplete Installation
  • Software Download Corrupted
  • Corrupted Windows System File
  • Malware Infected QuickBooks File
  • Missing QuickBooks File

These small faults can prompt you with an installation error. Fixing these errors is not a rocket science but anything which we are unaware about is difficult. Let us see how to mend these errors and have a safe installation.

The Basic Solutions:

  • Scan your desktop in and out – malware can kill your system. It can generate error while installing QuickBooks. Try and scan your system to have a safe installation process.
  • Clean up your system junk – surfing over the internet or the using the computer can lead to junk accumulation which in turn is directed to a slow QuickBooks installation process, hence failure. Clean up your junk regularly for a smooth process.
  • Drivers – all the drivers installed on the system become obsolete within a few months. Update your PC device drivers frequently and this could avoid the QuickBooks installation error.
  • Install all available windows update.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the QB Software.

Diagnostic Tool:

  • Download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Save the file on the system and close all the ongoing programs.
  • Launch QB Install Tool.
  • Restart the system and try re installing the QuickBooks Software.

QuickBooks Phone Support Number

If the system is well installed with the updated windows, drivers and tools also, it meets the specifications of the QuickBooks software then the installation process shouldn’t trouble you. We cannot predict errors; they can prompt you anytime and at any stage. You can give a call on QuickBooks helpline number +1 855 924 9509 and we would assist you right till the end.


How to Reset QuickBooks Password?

In the century of technology and internet we have to generate new logins and passwords for everything we are surfing on the web. Today everyone has atleast 20-30 login Id’s and passwords to fetch any website, software or system and hence forgetting a few of your passwords is likely.

QuickBooks again is such software which requires your login credentials and it is equally likely to forget the password of your QuickBooks Administrator. But yes, you can always obtain it back. Let us find out the ways and steps to seek the password of your QuickBooks Account:

The QuickBooks Administrator Password Removal Service

This is effortless. However, this will only help the administrator to reset the password. If for instance you’re not the admin, you’ll have to contact the administrator for your assistance.

The Steps for Reset QuickBooks Password

  • Fill in the QuickBooks Administrator Password reset form and achieve a password reset code.
  • Enter the code. This would remove the current administrator password.
  • Create a new password for your file.

This was easy and one of the ways to crack the code. Let us see the other steps to obtain the password:

  • On the main Login page of QuickBooks, enter the username and select – I forgot my password.
  • A challenge question created while making the account would now appear. If you remember the answer it becomes fairly easy to obtain the password and if you don’t, select – I forgot my answer.
  • On the next appearing visual a Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password Form will be shown. Fill in the details asked and click Ok (This information asked on this form will be obtained from your Intuit Account).
  • You will receive an email on your registered email address from Intuit. This email would contain the Password Reset Code. Enter the code into the designated place and click Ok.
  • The instructions would take you to set your new login id and password for the QB account. Also, set up a challenge question for future.

The QuickBooks Phone Support Number

Sometimes all the permutation and combinations fail. The QB Administrator password removal service does not work every time, nor does the traditional steps. If you are still unable to capture your QuickBooks password contact

You can write us your concern over the e-mail which is or freely call us on +1 855 924 9509 and we would be pleased to assist you in getting back your password and continue with your perfect QuickBooks accounting software.